Can Thrive Patch Assist You Lose Weight?

Can Thrive Patch Assist You Lose Weight?

In response to the manufacturer, Le-vel, the patch is a part of the inspiration of their eight-week weight loss program.

The Thrive Patch, and the program, promises "extremely premium results, with benefits reminiscent of improved health, wellness, and fitness, as well as, weight management and nutritional support". Not surprisingly, there are loads of other Thrive Patch products to purchase for even greater results.

This article reviews whether or not or not there’s any proof to support the program and product claims.

What's Thrive Patch?
The patches are part of the general THRIVE expertise, an 8-week premium life-style system which will make it easier to "expertise and attain peak physical and psychological ranges" (1). It consists of three steps including:

Premium lifestyle capsules (multivitamins with minerals)
Ultra micronized shake combine (very low calorie, protein shake)
Life-style Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) patches (varied ‘weight reduction’ and health-boosting ingredients)

Step 1 – take 2 Thrive premium life-style capsules on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up

Step 2 – take an ultra micronized shake mix 20 minutes later

Step 3 – apply one of the patches to dry skin within the morning after which change it out for a fresh one within the afternoon

The patch and the program is part of a multi-degree marketing (MLM) firm that’s bought a large international reach. In brief, anyone who’s promoting the product is in essence, an ’worker’; one in all thousands of sales reps.

The Thrive Patch makes use of what they referred to as Derma Fusion Technology (DFT); a type of transdermal delivery of the active ingredients. Transdermal patches aren’t new. It’s a medicated adhesive patch that is positioned on the skin to deliver a particular dose of treatment via the skin and into the bloodstream. A common use with with nicotine replacement therapy.

How does Thrive Patch even work?
In addition to taking numerous supplements that embrace vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics, as well as, the protein shake, the patch provides a host of ingredients to assist the THRIVE 8-Week Experience. The patches’ various ingredients are advertised to promote "clean and healthy weight management and an overall healthy lifestyle".

With patches on for 24 hours a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, they’re said to deliver 24 hours of weight loss nutritional support. However do they?

No research has been performed to on the products to evaluate whether or not or not they are effective for weight loss. Even though a number of the patches’ ingredients have been studied, these outcomes can’t be automatically extended to any of the patches.

Nonetheless, it’s unclear how much of those ingredients the Le-Vel products comprise and whether or not they’re available in quantities high sufficient to have any effect.

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